The 12 step Product Owner course is one of the main products of proPO. It consists of 12 modules which you can study by yourself or use one of the public open source courses available. All of the training materials are free and available for everyone under CC BY SA 3.0 license, so you can even use it for commercial purposes.

All of the modules are designed to be 120 minutes long, so in Total this is equivalent to a 4 day course.

Who is it for?

Learning objectives

List of modules

  1. Product vision
  2. Product strategy
  3. Working with end users
  4. How to write great user stories
  5. Story mapping
  6. Working with epics
  7. Product Backlog ordering
  8. Product Backlog Refinement session
  9. Business Value
  10. How to work with experiments
  11. Product Ownership
  12. Working with stakeholders and teams
  13. Optimizing flow