Ordering? Prioritization? Sorting? What is the difference?

Prerequisites for the participants


  • Scrum Guide
  • Basic SCRUM course/Video
  • Common sense
  • Desire to be a PO
  • Cookies and coffee


Learning Objectives

  • Learn couple of useful methods helping to order Product Backlog.
  • Get tips when each of those methods can be useful
  • Understand the importance of ordering the Product Backlog

How to prepare

  • Go analogue – print the Product Backlog, get some pens, boards, magnets, lines etc
  • Consider whether to use your own backlog, or a template project

If you are ready, just click here to start this step.

If you are looking for a quick reference, below you will find descriptions for each of the methods:

Trainers guide

If you want to run this course as a trainer – that is great. Over here you will find trainer’s guide, and all needed documents and templates.