Divide your working area into three parts like this:

Pull the elements from the backlog and place them on the template.

  • In the „1” box, you can put only one element – this will be the top priority item
  • In the „3” box, you can put only three elements
  • In the „5” box, you can put only five elements
  • Everything else will be considered as „lower priority items”

Tips, practices

  • Start from the top and find the first the most important element
  • If you have trouble with finding only one – put top three of them in the „3” box and decide later
  • You can temporarily forget about the limits, and put more items in boxes, and move less important items to a box below, but in the end – limits must be respected
  • After populating all three boxes – take a look at the remaining elements – maybe there is still something more important?
  • It makes a lot of sense, to prepare a proposal first, before discussing in bigger group
  • It works great especially for limited budget

When to use this method

  • when your team is overloaded with tasks, and you need to limit work in progress
  • applicable to personal task board as well

Are you ready to continue?

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