Divide your working area into parts like this:

Your job is to place all Product Backlog Items into buckets

  • Bucket XS – will be for items wilth extra small value
  • Bucket S – will be for items wilth small value
  • Bucket M – will be for items wilth medium value
  • Bucket L – will be for items wilth large value
  • Bucket XL – will be for items wilth extra large value
Form a line in front of the buckets and the backlog

The first person pulls an element from the backlog, and decides about its value


  • One person in front of the buckets is responsible for making a decision
  • He or she can ask questions, but converstation should be very short
  • After the first person’s value estimation – the following participants should estimate relatively
And moves to the end of the line

Repeat the process until all of the PBIs are placed in the buckets

Now take a look at your buckets, and bucket by bucket – move items where you don’t agree on the value.

Every time you move the position – add a sticky dot to this card

After you are done – for all cards without dots, or with one dot – write down the value from the bucket. For rest of them – you need additional discussion with the group – and make the final decision

Tips, practices

  • You can add one more round at the end if you want to have better accuracy
  • You can ask participants „How happy are you with the results?” If their satisfaction level is low – probably you have to put more effort for better accuracy

When to use this method

  • when your stakeholders have lots of long discussions about rank
  • when you want to engage all of your stakeholders
  • when you want to limit lenght for discussions

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