Idea comes from Monopoly game, where all players at the beginning are given 1500 dollars. They can spend it during the game to buy selected properties. We take this concept, and instead of buying cities, people in this exercise “buy” Product Backlog Items. You also start with 1500 dollars, in following notes:

When assigning notes to PBI, you need to follow those rules:

  • You cannot split bank notes
  • You have to spend every last dollar
  • Not every item needs to have money assigned
  • You can assign more than one bank note on each Item

Tips, practices

  • Value the items by allocating the money
  • More important elements should have more value on them
  • Relative estimation works pretty good, but it is not necessary
  • Sometimes the more you spend – the better outcome you get
  • At the beginning, you can decide on the items for which you don’t want to allocate money at all
  • This method is quite engaging and fun
  • Works pretty well for new products
  • You can invite multiple stakeholders, and hand out a set of bank notes to everyone, and sum all of values in the end

When to use this method

  • The development team delivers 6-10 User Stories per sprint.
  • To show Stakeholders that the sprint capacity is limited.
  • To give Stakeholders frames within which they need to work out common priorities.

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… worked out by Marcin Ciolczyk and Michal Koprowski during ProPo Wawa workshops 30 January 2018.