Divide your working area into two parts like this:

Now take your Product Backlog Items one by one, and answer the following question:

“Should I do it now, or can it wait?”

Box ‘now’ is for the items that should be resolved right now (to generate value, income, gather knowledge, new users etc.)
Box ‘not now’ is for the items that can ‘wait for a bit longer’

Tips, practices

Take a look at one item at a time and make a decision where to put it.

Try to aim for 20% of ‘now’ items, and 80% of ‘not now’.

At the end, once again take a look at the ‘now’ area – maybe something can be pulled away from there?

‘Less is more’ might be a good approach for this column

When to use this method

  • when you need to identify the most important backlog items for the next release
  • when you look for user stories for the next sprint
  • when you want to confirm with your stakeholders which items need to be dealt with in the first place (the most urgent items)
  • when you are trying to separate the most critical items in a very large backlog

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