Prepare on your working area this matrix:

Your job is to compare all of the items

  • This template is suitable for up to 7 items, you can prepare a larger table if you need to order more items
  • Or you can select top 7 items
  • A, B, C etc. stands for each item
  • Assign your items to letters
  • Dark grey cells are „inactive” and you don’t have to fill them
Let’s start with comapring A to B
  • Which item is more important?
  • Write down the letter in this cell

Now you have to decide about the size of the difference

  • 0 = almost the same importance
  • 1 = small difference
  • 2 = big difference
  • 3 = major difference

Write it down next to the letter like this:

And now you have to continue filling the rest of the table

Now you have to add up all the values for each item from the whole table, for example Feature A score is 4:

If you continue with the rest of features, you should get result like this:

Now you can order your items based on total Value.

Tips, practices

  • Remember that you can compare more than 7 elements, but you probably don’t want to compare 100 elements
  • You always have to decide which element is more important

When to use this method

  • especially when you see only “top priority” items, all of which seems to be equaly important.

Are you ready to continue?

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