First you need to decide how to assign Value Points.

  • Use whatever methods you like
  • Value points must be numbers
  • Discuss it with the group and decide together

Now assign Value points to the Backlog Items:

Now, let’s do a little math – Return on Investment = Value / Estimation

Put the results for all of your items to the cards:

and simply order your backlog starting with biggest ROI

Tips, practices

  • Works best when items that are independent
  • If you have two items with the same ROI – why not start with the smaller one?

When to use this method

  • when you need an objective method to measure and compare the value of your backlog items, e.g. when you have different stakeholders for different backlog items and all of them say it’s their initiatives that are the most important
  • when your stakeholder doesn’t exactly know what they want to achieve
  • when you have doubts as to whether a business initiative is well grounded or thought over and you suspect your resources may be wasted as a result

Are you ready to continue?

Since this was the last method here, think about your own context. Remember that most probably you need more than one method at the same time. Think about which one will fit you best right now, than practise and when you see the results, think about another method.