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Summary after first train the trainer sessions.
Thank you very much once more for your participation and great work. During two train the trainer sessions, there were 51 participants (in Warsaw and in Wroclaw), 14 of you are ready to perform “Product Backlog ordering” workshops by yourself, and we have two volunteers to conduct it publicly – that is really impressive. But the biggest contribution came from you work in the second part of our meeting. We got a lots of inputs and ideas how to make better.

Most important governance backlog items

During our discussions we found out that two things needs to addressed soon:
  • agree on publishing workflow – to avoid contradicting changes, keep the materials  consistent etc
  • visualize Product Backlog, to align contributors work
That is why we need your feedback about those proposals:
  1. Until end of Feb 2018, all changes will be done in “sandbox” mode – meaning, no additional flow will be present, and we rely on versioning control of wordpress
  2. From March 2018, there will be a comitee performing reviews on all contributions
  3. As a temporary backlog management tool we are going to use trello

      Product Backlog ordering workshop upgrade

      Couple of changes are already implemented:
      • all of the instructions are now separate pages, not inside pptx files (to avoid content duplication)
      • there were a lot of contributions like spelling check, when to use sections and others
      Some items are still in progress:
      • adding two new methods – Eisenhover matrix and weighted shortest job first
      • filling missing sections (when to use, when not to use) for remaining methods
      • article about this subject
      Check out current state of the training materials here:

        Would you like to help

        Perform trainings
        You are encouraged to use “Product Backlog Ordering” module and teach other PO at your organization, just check trainers guide and let us know if you need help
        Tell your colleagues
        Invite them to our website, to our meetups and also to subscribe to the newsletter
        review our materials
        Check website, send us your feedback, add your contributions.


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